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Online clinical consultation with Dr. Bazzucchi.

One-to-one, effective, customized.

Your Personal Ortho Assistant


  • Clinical case study and treatment planning support
  • Clinical case management training
  • Evaluation of the therapeutic path
  • Use of various treatment planning platforms
  • Clinical case management in multidisciplinary approaches

One hour online appointments – exclusive one-to-one training with Dr. Andrea Bazzucchi.

Set up is tailored to the specific needs and requests of the doctor, who can manage his time according to the desired topics of which the Doctor wants to explore: from a detailed analysis of clinical cases, to an intensive and personal course on clinical approaches and methodologies.

The online meetings are designed to be effective, hands-on and simplify the management of your orthodontic aligner cases. Such method makes the learning curve on becoming a pro user much faster.

Clinical advisor fees

  • 1 hour = € 500
  • Pass-2 (2 hours usable in 1 or 2 appointments) = € 850
  • Pass-5 (5 hours usable in several appointments) = € 2,000


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