I would highly recommend Dr Andrea and his team to every Invisalign provider.

Dr Bazzucchi is world class specialist but still always finds time to share his knowledge and expertise even with the most obvious questions from my side.

He leads team of highly trained professionals. Everyone is very easy to get in touch with to discuss the case to suit patients needs and expectations, clinchecks are ready in very short period and prepared to perfection. Dr Bazzucchi and his team made my Invisalign start a real pleasure.Thanks to his knowledge and experience My patients are very happy patients and with full confidence I’m telling them that they won’t get better treatment plan than the one we offering. I’m delighted to be part of Invisalign team.

Joanna S., Paris, France

So far, after only finishing one case today but with 16 ClinChecks I am more than pleased with your work. I was planning to start doing my cases on my own after a while but now I am not so sure I want to. As long as I am meticulous with photos, impressions, IPR and attachments every case has been going super smooth and progress exactly as planned.
Every patient complain about sore tongue and bucca the first week but after that they are all happy. But the biggest advantage is the treatment time. I am sure that if I would do the planning myself it would mean much longer treatment time which means more time for me to spend on checkups and less happy patients.
So it´s a win-win-win 🙂

Jon G., Delft, Netherlands

Some of my opinions: It’s really easy to use.
It’s time-effective
It’s positiv that i can send in photos to discuss case, before i start treatment, with no-cost get help from dentists/specialist with experience
I feel confident that the patients get the best treatment

Jørn E., Kristiansand, Norway

I have been happy with your service. Cases have been planned promptly without delays and the +2000 cases experience is priceless for any invisalign beginner or even more advanced user. Not to mention the very reasonable price for the service.

Petri V., Kiev, Ukraine

Dr Bazzucchi has been my mentor since I started doing Invisalign treatments. He is always responding quickly to questions and evaluating new cases prior to treatment planning in ClinCheck. We communicate effectively and it has been great having him as a supervisor when I have experienced problems or had questions, as he always has an answer or a solution. I also think it is a great security to have an orthodontist’s backing in the treatment planning, as I am a general practitioner. He has safely guided me through numerous Invisalign treatments and I have therefore gained confident in performing even more complicated cases. I would highly recommend using the service of Dr Bazzucchi, as he is a very experienced and has enormous knowledge when it comes to all aspects of this fantastic treatment.

Torill A., Bergen, Norway


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